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As a youth development nonprofit, we use year-round outdoor, arts, sports and a range of other engaging activities to afford students with enduring mentor-based relationships. We mix outdoor experiential learning, character development, community service, values-based leadership development, social justice advocacy, and peer mentoring with STEAM activities to encourage our youth to transform themselves and others around them for the better.

OUR APPROACH: A systematic placement of “cool” adults who genuinely CARE and LISTEN to young people in order to prepare them to make ethical and moral choices throughout their lives.


Dewuan X. Davis is a published children’s author and full-time dad. He moonlights as a Mobile Application Developer but his real passion lies with the youth surrounding him. Dewuan believes that in order to create a brighter future, we must begin with the children because they ARE the future. With his caring nature, Dewuan has always taken time to volunteer with youth movements, coach, and mentor. He is also a standing board member of the PTA at his children’s elementary school.


Teesa Wallace has worked in Childcare for over 8 years with significant experience in planning, implementing and assessing child development through the use of creative curriculum and activities. She carries proudly her Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential.

As a CDA, being able to communicate with parents to support the unique needs of each individual child lends directly to our cause of providing engaging and fun experiences for children of ALL ages.


Vasundhara Goyal is a financial professional and marketing consultant. She was valedictorian at her high school and now routinely tutors youth because she believes that education is key.

Vasundhara has extensive experience with leadership roles and teamwork so it is a major concern of hers to pass that on to our up and coming youth. She believes that if we arm the next generation with proper morals and accountability, they will be put into position to reach their full potential while becoming upstanding members of society.


Jaime Salazar is a Cloud Service Engineer for an IT Security company and a full time father. He has been, and is currently, active in multiple organizations designated to helping children from the Boys and Girls Clubs to the Miracle League in Arlington. He’s passionate about helping others and showing children all that life has to offer by putting God and Education above everything else.

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Making art builds children's self-esteem by giving them opportunities to express what they are thinking and feeling.

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